Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spring in November

I am still getting used to the seasons in Las Vegas.  I lived in S. California for twenty plus years and had the best weather in the world.  Now I am living In Las Vegas and there is a change of seasons.  But the seasons are are skewed.   Throughout the summer plants and flowers alike go dormant to survive the hot desert temperatures.  The 100 plus degree temperatures start in June and usually end in October; so it is a long, hot summer.
It is November and we are experiencing a rebirth of our garden and flowers.  Our roses are blooming, our vegetables sprouting and the desert cactus and succulents are growing.  It's almost like having a second spring!  This wonderful weather won't last long, though.  The weather forecast shows that cold temperatures are imminent.

Here are some snapshots of our new growth:

Our radishes already need thinning

Our peppers are abundant

The roses are in bloom

Propagating new cactus plants

Bountiful harvest of pomegranates

And lastly, our beloved kitty is growing back her fur coat.  She had a cancerous growth removed from her side about a month ago and it is so encouraging to see her healing.

Sofia is recovering from her surgery.

Here is the guy who makes all the magic happen in our backyard.

My husband, Tom

Some current projects--

November BOM for the "Breakfast Club" at Quiltique

Various projects
Paper Piecing project

Also, happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served our country, including my departed father in World War II, my husband in Viet Nam and my brothers, Bob and Ken for their military services.  

Have a happy week!

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